i just want blake back,i miss him so much. </3  

i miss you too </3

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just in case you DO marry a box of fruit roll-ups may i have one?

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yah, of course 8) 

and tbh people who judge other people never looked in the mirror cause you can't help it who you fall for. love is love. i don't care if you marry a penguin, i don't care if you marry a box of fruit roll-ups. Love is LOVE

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It's possible, promise.

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I was just checking sweetheart <3 but no, that one wasn't me, I've never really had the courage to talk to you but you CANT leave.

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How can you be in love with someone you’ve never spoke to ?? 

Yes is that bad? :/

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It doesn’t matter aha.
But, I’ve only ever spoken to like one person who isn’t an anon, and I’ve only started speaking to her today.  

Now why would I tell you I love you if I didn't mean it c; I can't come off anon, I'm not even an anon aockdjfkdk.

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What do you mean you’re not an anon? Like your just a regular tumblr account or? 


so adorable omfg

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Please :( you can't. I'm in love with you haha

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come off anon? c:

or are you just saying this to try and get me to stay? lol.

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